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Who We Are

Vision Statement: 

Empowering individuals through the transformative power of written language, The ALTA Charitable Foundation envisions a future where every person, regardless of means, has equal access to academic language therapy. We are committed to advancing research, providing support for the vision and mission of ALTA, and fostering inclusivity to ensure that written language is a bridge to knowledge, growth, and opportunity for all.  


Mission Statement:  

The mission of the ALTA Charitable Foundation is to pave the way for a tomorrow full of educational promise by providing financial assistance to dedicated professionals pursuing academic language therapy certifications. We are committed to helping the Academic Language Therapy Association foster excellence in the field of academic language therapy and empower those who teach and learn to unlock the full potential of written-language and literacy in their students. Through financial support and educational opportunities, the Academic Language Therapy Association Charitable Foundation aims to help ALTA create a world where every individual has the tools and knowledge to succeed. 

Supporting Our Mission

How the ACF gives back:

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